Welcome to Hudson Whiskey’s 2024 Single Barrel Program

We are very proud to be offering a select pool of single barrels of award-winning Hudson Bourbon this year.

You are invited to visit us at Tuthilltown Spirits, the Home of Hudson Whiskey, in the Hudson Valley for an immersive distillery experience and tasting of barrels in order to choose your exclusive cask. Or we will ship you a kit complete with samples from five diverse barrels, from which you can hand-select your cask.


In 2024, we are offering single barrels of our acclaimed Hudson Bourbon.

Based in the picturesque Hudson Valley, Hudson Whiskey celebrates the creative and unrivaled spirit of New York. Made with locally sourced New York corn and aged in new charred American oak, our Single Barrel Bourbon owes its rich amber color and bold character to the local grains and unique single grain mash bills that we use. We're excited to share this bold, full flavored, New York whiskey with you.

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Our bourbon is matured for a minimum of 5 years in American oak barrels - medium toast, char #3 and are Kosher Certified. The barrels yield 16 six-pack cases of 750ml bottles at 55% ABV/110 proof. Each will carry a custom neck tag identifying that expression as exclusively available from the customer who has selected it. The bottles from each single barrel will be shipped with the cask itself for the customer’s use as a promotional display item.