Your Hudson Whiskey Sample Kit

Your sample kit will contain five 100ml samples, each from a different select cask of Hudson Straight Bourbon Whiskey chosen by our Distillery Team.

Enclosed with your samples you will find details on each barrel you will taste, nosing & tasting glasses, and a water dropper. A note card will share information for how we recommend you nose & taste the whiskeys to best explore their individual character. While carefully examining your samples, choose a name that will go on your custom tag that reads, This Is _____’s Favorite Whiskey.

Your samples will be individually pulled from each single barrel and proofed to a bottling strength of 55%ABV/110 proof so that you will be tasting the exact profile of whiskey that will be bottled for you after your selection. Once your selection is made, your proprietary barrel will be pulled from the barrel pool for your exclusive bottling.


Sample Kit Request: